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Copyright Right Law and the Internet

The laws concerning copyright are complex. There are defined in the domestic law of individual countries and by various international organisations who have implemented worldwide, cross border agreements. Examples are The Berne Convention, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) and the DMCA.

Copyright Worldwide

If you need to get stolen copyrighted content removed from a website, then the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Right) provides the perfect solution to this problem.

What is the DMCA?

The DMCA is an american initiative making changes to US copyright law in order to bring it into compliance with WIPO recommendations. In particular it addressed the problem of copyright as regard to emerging internet technologies and the digital transfer of information. Specifically, under 'safe harbour' provisions, any organisation that knowingly allows stolen copyrighted content to be published on their system is breaking US copyright law and can be sued.

OK - My website is based in Finland. Someone in Sydney, Australia has stolen my content, how on earth does US copyright law help me?

The jist of it is that all the major search engines are US based, including Google. If you write a correctly formatted DMCA Takedown Request to Google, informing them of the copyright infringement, they are legally obliged to 'disable' access to the infringing content, or face a possible law suit. Google will notify the offending webmaster of their intention to remove the material

If Google has disabled access to the unlawful website content, or as in the case of serial offenders, completely removed the website from its database, then effectively, the website no longer exists. The threat of having Google taking action because of infringing material on an offending website leaves most perpetrators quaking in their boots. Typically, webmasters will remove the unlawful content rather quickly.

We have provided DMCA Template Letters showing the correct format for Yahoo, Google, MSN, Webmasters and hosting companies.

All sounds easy? There are pitfalls to issuing DMCA Takedown Notices. If you incorrectly claim copyright (e.g. 'fair use' of content under DMCA provisions) you can be sued. A quick search on the internet will reveal instances of DMCA notices back firing leading to law suits costing thousands. Knowingly claiming copyright of material which is not yours is criminal fraud which could lead to a spell in prison.

WebsiteCop are more than happy to launch a professional DMCA Takedown Request on your behalf.

DMA Takedowns

Proving Copyright Ownership

Have you got proof that you are the copyright owner?

In copyright disputes involving websites, the issue is NOT the fact that your content has been stolen and is being used unlawfully on another website, the issue is one of proving copyright ownership.

Some countries, such as USA, have official government bodies responsible for copyright registration. Many others, such as the UK, do not and it is left to Copyright Registration Businesses such as WebsiteCop to fulfill this role. Copyright registration works well in the case of a novel, or a poem, or a song - the content is usually remains unchanged over time. However, the content on a website evolves and changes over time, it's the nature of the beast. Your original copyright registration will not reflect the changed content and you will need to keep reregistering and paying fees each time.

Register with WebsiteCop

The Copyright Bank at WebsiteCop - the perfect solution to Copyright Registration, proving ownership and constantly changing website content.

  1. When you register with us we will automatically scan your website, download the contents of all pages, including code, text, graphics, pictures etc.
  2. The contents of your website are then date stamped and archived on our system.
  3. Every month, your website is scanned and any new content is downloaded and archived
  4. We give you a Certificate of Registration which can be viewed at any time on our website.
  5. You put a link or a WebsiteCop banner in the footer of your home page which is linked to your Copyright Registration Certificate.

Copyright Protection

WebsiteCop act as your independent third party witness in copyright disputes. We will have a record of how you website design and contents evolved and changed over time.

The WebsiteCop banner and linked Registration Certificate will act as a powerful deterrent to any webmaster thinking of stealing your content. Best of all, you are nor responsible for uploading content to us - our state of the art software scans and downloads your site automatically onto our servers.

You get all this for just £1.67 per month - why wait? Registering your website with the Copyright Bank at is the essential first step to be taken to defend your work from copyright violations and proving ownership

Copyright Bank

Use the Copyright Symbol ©

Although the assignment of copyright for website pages is is automatic, it is advisable to display the copyright symbol © along with your business name and year at the bottom of each. This will make people more aware of the issues they can face if the duplicate your content.

Copyright Protected

An absolutely brilliant strategy which will stop many potential infringers in their tracks is to us one of our FREE website banners at the bottom of your home page.

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Retrospective License Agreements

Making the Infringers Pay

Sometimes, just getting your copyrighted content removed from an offending website is just not enough. Compensation is required.

We issue the perpetrator with a Retrospective License Agreement which imposes a fee for the illegal use of your work plus damages for loss of reputation and possible harm done to your website ranking. It also includes our expenses and hourly costs. The perpetrator can choose not to pay but then faces the threat of legal action through the courts, trying to defend a case which he ultimately cannot possibly win.

Copyright License Fees

We have used this solution to enforce penalties for the illegal use of a single graphic, to the duplication of substantial parts of an entire website.

Retrospective Licenses

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Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working worldwide in association with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, get protected TODAY!

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