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Website Copyright Protection - Sao Tome

Copyright Protection with TEETH for Sao Tome. Stop copyright thieves from stealing your website content no matter were in the world they are based.

Copyright theft is absolutely rampant on the internet. It is very frustrating that after having put in blood, sweat and tears writing an interesting and informative article for the internet, to find that it has been cut and pasted, word for word, into someone else's website or blog.

WebsiteCop is here to help

Over the last decade, we have helped thousands of website owners in Sao Tome and all over the world to battle the problem of website copyright infringement and theft of content. Contact us today for some friendly, expert advice and about plagiarised, unlawful use of your website material in Sao Tome. We are happy working alongside fellow professionals such as solicitors, lawyers, attorneys and IP law specialists.
The Copyright Bank

Worldwide Website Protection for just £1.67 a month

Registering your website content in our Copyright Bank is the most affordable way to protect your design, graphics and layout from infringement and theft.

The Copyright Bank at Website provides the professional third party evidence of website ownership from the date of registration. We issue a Registration Certificate linked to an awesome WebsiteCop Banner AND your web pages get scanned once a month for new content which is then archived and dated.

In the case of a copyright dispute, you can use the archive to help prove copyright ownership and show how your website pages changed and evolved over time.

This service is used and trusted by thousands of business websites worldwide. It acts as a very powerful deterrent to any would-be copyright thieves.

Website Registration

FREE Banner Download

Put a WebsiteCop banner on your website

Putting a WebsiteCop banner in the footer of your website pages is the best way to prevent copyright theft problems in countries such as Sao Tome - prevention is always better than cure. Feel free to download and use our banners at NO CHARGE.

Banner Download

DMCA Takedowns - Sao Tome

Removal of Stolen Material

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DMCA, was formed to combat the problem of breach of copyright and is effective world wide.

Using the DMCA (and when appropriate EUCD) on behalf of our clients, we can get copyrighted material removed from offending websites in Sao Tome both quickly and cheaply.

In a large proportion of cases, the offending website is completely taken down by the hosting company, never to be seen again.

The cost of this DMCA Takedown Service represents great value for money at just £150. This service is guaranteed to work , or your money back.

DMCA Takedowns

Retrospective Licenses

Enforced Penalty Payments

With the help of local IP specialists, we can issue perpetrators in Sao Tome with a Retrospective License Agreement for the unlawful use of your stolen content. We will enforce a payment which includes the license fee and our recovery costs and expenses.

On successful conclusion of the process, we will pay you the recovered License Fee

Retrospective Licenses

FREE DMCA Request Generator

Saving you Time, Money and Effort

Create a professional looking DIY DMCA Takedown Request for FREE. This notice can be sent out to webmasters and Hosting Companies in Sao Tome and beyond, demanding the removal of your stolen content

DMCA Notice Generator

Pages Protected

Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, in Sao Tome and worldwide - Get Protected TODAY!

We would like to hear from legal teams in Sao Tome who would like to partner with us in the world wide battle against internet copyright theft.

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