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Sometimes, just getting stolen content removed is not enough. Why not make the perpetrator suffer financially and let WebsiteCop issue an enforced penalty payment for the unlawful use of your copyrighted content. WebsiteCop can do this on your behalf by issuing a Retrospective License Agreement.

Stolen Content? You Get Paid a License Fee

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When we issue a Retrospective Copyright License on your behalf, the amount the perpetrator has to pay consists of our costs, fees and expenses plus a License Fee that is paid to you on the successful conclusion of the case.

The license is 'retrospective' because it allows 12 months use of the content, finishing on the day that we issue the license i.e. it is back dated.

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What is the Success Rate?

We issue Retrospective License Agreements when we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that should the case proceed to litigation and prosecution in a court of law, then there is no prospect of losing.

We always advise perpetrators to contact a solicitor, lawyer, or attorney for advice on how to proceed, but if they do so, they will get sucked in to a hopeless spiral of legal fees with no prospect of a winning outcome.

Should the case be legally contested, the perpetrator, at a minimum will face fees and costs in the thousands. In a recent landmark case, freelance photographer Daniel Morel, was awarded a total of $1.2m (£740,000) for copyright infringement by picture agencies that had stolen his pictures from Twitter.

When Does it Work?

Fill out the Form - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Issuing Retrospective Licenses works well when website content has been copied extensively, sometimes in its entirety. It also works particularly well when photos or graphics have been stolen.

They key issue is not that the content has been stolen, it is one of proving ownership of the material. Fill out the form and we will consider the merits of each case, and then decide whether or not to proceed

What to do Next

Fill out the form on the page to start the process. On receipt, we will look at the evidence for stolen content, infringement and the issue of copyright ownership. We will then inform you whether or not we think that sending out a Retrospective Licence Agreement is a viable prospect.

In our considerable experience, webmasters and owners, on receiving a WebsiteCop Retrospective License Agreement for copyright theft , are completely stunned. However, they soon realise that by being caught red-handed, they have backed themselves into a corner and have no choice but to pay the requested License Fee. Settlement in these cases usually takes around two weeks.

This is a tried and tested strategy we have successfully used many times over the years to combat copyright theft. We have used it in cases where entire websites have been copied, as well as in cases where just a single graphic has been stolen.

It is only fair that someone who is profiting from your creative output and hard work should be made to pay.

Other Ways We Can Help

Put a FREE WebsiteCop Banner on your Website

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Putting a WebsiteCop banner in the footer of your website pages is the best way to prevent copyright theft - prevention is always better than cure.

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Copyright Protection - £1.67 per Month

Registering your website content in our Copyright Bank is the most affordable way to protect your design, graphics and layout from infringement and theft. Websites are scanned, updated, and archived EVERY MONTH.

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The Copyright Bank provides the best independent third party evidence of website ownership from the date of registration. It is undisputable proof of ownership. This service is used and trusted by thousands of website business worldwide.

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DMCA Content Removal - Guaranteed

Website Removal of Copyrighted Material

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DMCA, was formed to combat the problem of breach of copyright and is effective world wide.

WebsiteCop gets stolen content removed or you get your money back. Sign up NOW for our Professional Content Removal Service.

Sit back and relax secure in the knowledge that all your stolen content from any number of infringing websites is being efficiently removed from the internet by WebsiteCop. This applies to any content, any website in any country in the world

Using the DMCA on behalf of our clients, we can get copyrighted material removed from offending websites both quickly and cheaply. In a large proportion of cases, the offending website is completely taken down by the hosting company, never to be seen again.

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Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working worldwide in association with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, get protected TODAY!

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