Getting Stolen Content Removed

Getting Stolen Content Removed

How We Can Help

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So, you are sitting there in front of your laptop, angry, frustrated and depressed because you have just discovered that a number of websites have stolen your text, pictures, graphics, design, audio, video etc and are using your content to drive traffic to their websites and to financially profit from all your hard work. You have probably emailed the website owners asking for the removal of the stolen material, and although some have complied with your request, there are still a few webmasters who refuse to do anything.

Professional DMCA Content Removal by WebsiteCop

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - WebsiteCop gets stolen content removed or you get your money back. Sign up NOW for our Professional Content Removal Service. Sit back and relax secure in the knowledge that all your stolen content from any number of infringing websites is being efficiently removed from the internet by WebsiteCop. This applies to any content, any website in any country in the world

How it Works

Fill out the form on the page to start the process. You will list your web pages that have been copied along with a list of the infringing websites that have stolen your content. On pressing the 'submit' button you will be taken to Paypal were you will need to pay the fee of £150. You can also choose to have a Professional URL Search done to locate websites worldwide which you may have missed.

On receiving your request, we will send out professionally formatted DMCA Takedown Requests initially to the owners and webmasters, secondly, to the ISP (internet service providers) that host that infringing websites and finally to Google.

In our considerable experience, most webmasters, on receiving a third party DMCA Takedown Notification from WebsiteCop, comply with the request and remove the stolen content within 48 hours. Our professionally produced DMCA Takedown Requests are designed to produce knee quaking fear in webmasters as they cannot risk having their website obliterated from the Google database.

Notes on Filling out the Form

You will need to give us details of the infringing websites and the content that has been stolen. This should be done in the following format

Copyright Claim #1

Description/Type of Infringed Work
The work is a picture of a Robin Red Breast and the associated 450 words of text

Title of Infringed Work
Your Page Title

Original URL

Additional Info
Anything which you think may be of help

Infringing URLS


Copyright Claim #2

Repeat as above for each URL on your website that has been copied.


For your convenience, we suggest that you prepare a formatted list of stolen content on your computer and attach the file to the form. Text or Word documents are both suitable for the job.

What Happens Next

As soon as payment is confirmed, we start working on your case

  1. The infringing webmaster(s) will be served with a DMCA Notice
  2. If the webmaster is unresponsive a DMCA Request will be served to the Hosting Company
  3. If there is still no response a DMCA Takedown Request is then sent to Google
  4. We will keep you notified every step of the way

Webmasters and Hosting Companies normally react within 7 days of being sent a DMCA. Google will take approximately 2 months.

Other Ways We Can Help

Put a FREE WebsiteCop banner on your website

WebsiteCop Banner

Putting a WebsiteCop banner in the footer of your website pages is the best way to prevent copyright theft - prevention is always better than cure.

Banner Download

Copyright Protection - £1.67 per Month

Registering your website content in our Copyright Bank is the most affordable way to protect your design, graphics and layout from infringement and theft. Websites are scanned, updated, and archived EVERY MONTH.

Copyright Bank

The Copyright Bank provides the best independent third party evidence of website ownership from the date of registration. It is undisputable proof of ownership. This service is used and trusted by thousands of website business worldwide.

Website Registration

Retrospective License Agreements

Enforced Penalty Payments

Sometimes, the copyright breach is so blatant, that getting your content removed is simply not good enough.

We will issue the perpetrator with a Retrospective License Agreement for the unlawful use of the material. We will enforce a payment which includes the license fee, our recovery costs and expenses.

On successful conclusion of the process, we will pay you the recovered License Fee - £400!

This is a tried and tested strategy we have successfully used many times over the years to combat copyright theft. We have use it in cases where entire websites have been copied, as well as in cases where just a single graphic has been stolen. It is only fair that someone who is profiting from your creative output and hard work should be made to pay.

Retrospective Licenses

Pages Protected

Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working worldwide in association with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, get protected TODAY!

DMCA Takedowns

Get Your Content Removed

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