FREE DMCA Notice Generator

FREE DMCA Notice Generator

Briefly stated, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is US law. It provides a mechanism for webmasters and site owners to get stolen copyrighted content removed from offending websites, no matter where in the world they are based. The reason it works so well is that all the major search engines are US based business eg Google.

So, you have found your copyrighted content from your website or Blog on another site. You've already sent off a polite DMCA Request to the Webmaster asking him to remove the infringing material but nothing happens.

The next step is to send a correctly formatted DMCA Request to the Hosting Company. Hosting companies are businesses such as Godaddy. If you do a search for 'Whois' you will find a number of sites that can provide the name and contact details of the hosting company.

How it Works

Fill out the form on this page as completely as possible, trying not to leave any blank fields. On pressing the 'Generate' button' we will send you a correctly formatted DMCA Takedown Notice by email.

Notes on the Form

  1. Address: Include your company name and don't forget to put in the zip code or post code.
  2. Phone Number: It's best to write this down in international format
  3. Email: Double check this if you want to receive the DMCA Notice
  4. Copyright Claim#1: Details of just ONE instance of infringement. There will be an opportunity to list more infringements when you receive the emailed DMCA notice

Description of Content Infringement

Keep this as short and concise as possible such as

The work is a picture of a Robin Red Breast and the associated 950 (approx) words of text. The copied text starts at paragraph 3 and begins with the words: 'The Robin is a plump bird with bright orange-red breast, face, throat and cheeks edged with gray, a white belly and olive-brown upper parts'

Other Ways We Can Help

Retrospective License Agreements

Don't Get Mad - Get Even - Get Paid. Sometimes, just getting stolen content removed is not enough. Why not make the perpetrator suffer financially and let WebsiteCop issue an enforced penalty payment for the unlawful use of your copyrighted content. WebsiteCop can do this on your behalf by issuing a Retrospective License Agreement.

Copyright License

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The Copyright Bank provides the best independent third party evidence of website ownership from the date of registration. It is undisputable proof of ownership. This service is used and trusted by thousands of website business worldwide.

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Website Removal of Copyrighted Material

WebsiteCop gets stolen content removed or you get your money back. Sign up NOW for our Professional DMCA Content Removal Service. Sit back and relax secure in the knowledge that all your stolen content from any number of infringing websites is being efficiently removed from the internet by WebsiteCop. This applies to any content, any website in any country in the world

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DMCA Notice Generator

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