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Proof of Copyright Ownership

The Problem

It's all very well claiming that your copyright has been infringed but if there is no proof of ownership, you do not have a leg to stand on. Also, unlike a novel or a poem, your website content changes over time - it's the nature of the beast. How can you claim copyright on something which is constantly changing?

The Solution - The Copyright Bank - Protection & Prevention

The Copyright Bank at WebsiteCop is the ultimate answer and an essential weapon in your copyright arsenal. You can sign up TODAY for just £1.67/month.

How it Works

When you sign up, we scan all your web pages and make a time-stamped archive copy. Your website will then be scanned every month and any additional changes will be archived and dated.

In cases of copyright dispute, we will have on record your complete website showing how it has evolved and changed over time. WebsiteCop are your professional third party independent copyright witness.

Worlwide Copyright Protection

The Service Doesn't Stop There

You then put a WebsiteCop banner in the footer of your home page linked to a 'Certificate of Copyright Registration'.

The Copyright Bank is a very effective solution to copyright fraud, stopping potential infringers in their tracks. Prevention is always better than cure.

Copyright Bank

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Copyright Symbol © V WebsiteCop Banner

Why use the copyright symbol when you can use one of our FREE eye catching banners?

Copyright Protected

Placing the banner in the footer of your home page is an absolutely brilliant solution to the problem of copyright theft. After seeing this website, any potential perpetrators would suddenly lose their 'copy and paste' skills

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DMCA Takedowns

WebsiteCop Gets Stolen Content Removed - WORLDWIDE

If the website owner refuses to remove stolen content, then the Digital Millennium Copyright Act otherwise known as the DMCA can be used to notify Hosting Companies and Search Engines of the illegal use of copyrighted material.

Worldwide Copyright Protection

Even if the offending website is on a different continent, worldwide copyright protection is possible through the mechanism of DMCA Takedowns.

The search engines and the hosting company are legally obliged to remove stolen copyright content from their servers when informed of the infringement. Not to do so leaves them at risk of expensive litigation.

DMCA Takedowns

Retrospective Licenses

Don't Get Mad - Get Even & Get Paid!

Sometimes, just getting your copyrighted content removed from an offending website is just not enough. May be you are angry, upset and enraged at the blatant theft of your material, or perhaps the blasé attitude of the offender has really vexed you.

Copyright Licenses

WebsiteCop, working with our associated solicitors, attorneys and lawyers from around the world have the perfect solution for you.

We issue the perpetrator with a Retrospective License Agreement which imposes a fee for the illegal use of your work. It also includes our expenses and hourly costs.

The perpetrator can choose not to pay but then faces the threat of legal action through the courts, trying to defend a case which he ultimately cannot possibly win.

It is a strategy which we have applied on many occasions with great success. The key to a successful conclusion is to prove ownership beyond any shadow of doubt.

We have used this solution to enforce penalties for the illegal use of a single graphic, to the duplication of substantial parts of an entire website.

Retrospective Licenses

FREE DMCA Request Generator

DIY Takedown Request to ISPs

Create a professional looking DIY DMCA Takedown Request for FREE. This notice can be sent out to webmasters and Hosting Companies, demanding the removal of your stolen content

DMCA Notice Generator

Pages Protected

Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working worldwide in association with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, get protected TODAY!

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Protect your website from design and content theft now with one of the most affordable, cost effective, specialist IP copyright services on the web.

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