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Sign up now to the Copyright Bank and get superlative worldwide copyright protection for your website. Registration starts at just £1.67 per month for the first 500 hundred pages and provides the best independent third party evidence of website ownership from the date of registration. It is an invaluable asset should a dispute or litigation arise over ownership of stolen copyrighted material.

Proof of ownership of copyrighted material is a simple concept.

The individual who has proof beyond doubt of the earliest possession of a creative work, is the official beneficiary of that work. This works well if you have written a novel, a poem, or a song, which once written, will never change. However, how do you copyright protect the contents of a website which are subject to change over time?

How it Works

Automatic Website Scanning

One of the big advantages of our service is that you do not need to send us any files. After you have completed the online registration form on this page, your website is scanned and the pages on the site are date stamped and archived in our 'Copyright Bank'.

Copyright Bank

If, for some reason, automatic scanning of your website is not for you , then you choose to manually upload your website files to us. However, automatic scanning and scheduled updating using our cutting edge software is why the all of our many happy clients sign up with us.

The scanned archived pages are a precise record of how the text, design and graphics were displayed on your website at the time in question.

Automatic Monthly Updates

Your website will be scanned once a month. Any changes that you have made to the design and content will be added to the original archived files. Your website pages can be retrieved at any time as an aid to legal litigation. This automatic, periodic scanning of your website will create a picture of how your website evolved and changed over time, giving undeniable proof of website copyright.

Update Process

Certificate of Copyright Registration

Another benefit of signing up with WebsiteCop is that we create a Certificate of Copyright Registration for your website. We advise clients to place a link in the footer of their home page to this certificate. This can be a text link or a WebsiteCop Banner link as below.

Copyright Protected by Website Cop
Copyright Protected

Clients can choose from a range of banner designs. Click on the above link to see a sample certificate. They are designed to absolutely scare the pants of any potential infringer who is looking to steal your content.

Why Sign up with WebsiteCop?

If you are having problems with people continually thieving your content now is the time to act. Feedback from clients tells us that website copyright fraud is all but eradicated once the sign up process has been completed. No webmaster in his right mind would dare to steal your content.

  1. We are Professional Independent Third Party Copyright Witnesses to your website content.
  2. Monthly scanning shows changing design and content evolution
  3. Copyright Registration Certificates - a massive deterrent to potential infringers
  4. Our copyright banners at the bottom of your pages is a further deterrent to copyright fraud
  5. This website acts as a HUGE deterrent to webmasters who use the link on your site.

Website copyright protection start at a very affordable £1.67 per month - what have you got to lose?

Worldwide Protection

Registering with WebsiteCop gives undeniable proof of ownership of a website and it's contents.

Worlwide Copyright Protection

Used in conjunction with the agreements and precedents established by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and the Berne Convention on International Copyright, your proof of ownership gives you copyright protection in in practically every country in the world

Worldwide Protection

Other Ways We Can Help

Professional DMCA Content Removal

The copyright protection service above acts as very efficient deterrent to copyright theft. However, what happens if you content has already been stolen and you need to get it removed?

Professional DMCA Takedowns

WebsiteCop have the perfect solution for you. Using our Professional DMCA Website TakeDown Service is the best way to get stolen content removed from websites.

It is fast, efficient and very cost effective. It is also guaranteed or your money back

DMCA Takedowns

FREE DMCA Notice Generator

If you have plenty of time and patience, you might want to have a go at sending a DMCA Takedown Request yourself.

As well as providing properly formatted DMCA letter templates for Google, MSN, and Yahoo, we have a very useful form that generates a professional looking DMCA request to send to webmasters and Hosting Companies. It will save you untold time and effort.

DMCA Notice Generator

Enforced Penalty Payments for Copyright Fraud

Retrospective License Agreements

For whatever reason, sometimes it isn't enough to get your content removed from an offending website. You want them to pay.

WebsiteCop can send out a a Retrospective License Agreement for the illegal use off your content, This will include a license fee, a claim for damages, a claim for revenue earned through the illegal use of your content, and a claim for WebsiteCop expenses, fees and costs.

Get in touch with us if you feel that this is they way you would like to go. We only take on cases when we know, that should the copyright claim go to court, we have 0% of losing the case. On successful conclusion of the case, we pay you the agreed license fee.

Needless to say, the Retrospective License Agreement is a hefty financial settlement. The perpetrator has a choice of paying the settlement or defending a claim for copyright through the courts which he has no prospect of winning and will cost thousands in legal fees and damages.

Retrospective Licenses

Pages Protected

Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working worldwide in association with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, get protected TODAY!

Get Protected!

Web Protection - £1.67/month

Protect your website from design and content theft now with one of the most affordable, cost effective, specialist IP copyright services on the web.

After filling out the form, you will be taken to Paypal in order to complete the transaction.

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