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The Automatic Upload Process

Using cutting edge, state of the art software, the pages of your website are scanned and stored in our secure archive database. Your website is then scanned once a month for changes. If changes are detected, these are added to the archive database. In this fashion, a time line of the development of your site is recorded. This is an invaluable asset should a legal dispute arise over copyright ownership.

The software dowloads all the information required onto our servers to create an off line browsable version of your website. Every month, your website is rescanned and any changes are archived and dated.

In the fight against any copyright infrigement, this your jewel in the crown.

Software Screen Shot

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Software Screenshot

For ease of use and convenience, this system cannot be beaten. It is used by the vast majority of our happy clients and faithfully records 99.99% of design, text and graphics.

The Software is Infinitely Configurable

The software used by WebsiteCop can be configured in many different ways giving us the flexibility to monitor clients websites in many different ways such as

  • Monitor password protected pages
  • Monitor forums for new postings and replies
  • Monitor RSS feeds, Newsgroups and local files
  • Monitor PDF/Word/Excel files
  • Highlight changes in a page
  • Jpg Screen shots can be automatically produced of web pages
  • Powerful filter system to ignore unwanted content

Notes on the Automatic Update Process

Our software works by downloading all files to our servers neccessary to produce a working offline copy of your website. However, there are certain types of data which will not be recorded or rendered.

Data base files will obviously not be downloaded. Video and audio files embedded in your pages will not be downloaded (unless specifically asked for). Slide shows which rely on 'lazy load data src' configurations will not be displayed. Content such as Google adwords, which is hosted elsewhere will not rendered. (unless specifically requested).

If any of the above is of concern to you, then please proceed with the Manual Upload Process.

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