Archive File Retrieval

Archived File Retrieval

Fill out the request form to retrieve your files

Note: You can only use this form if you have previously registered with the Copyright Bank at WebsiteCop.

If your website content has been pinched, it is often sufficient to send the perpetrator a polite email asking for the removal of the infringing material.

You should explain to the offending party that WebsiteCop is your independent third party witness to your claim of copyright and that we hold on record an archived time line of the evolution of your website design and content.

In most cases, your request will have a positive outcome and the content will be immediately removed. However, in some cases the perpetrator will dispute your copyright claim and refuse to remove the offending material, or may just ignore your request completely.

If you want to take the process to the next step, you will need to back up your claim of copyright by showing the perpetrator your WebsiteCop archived web pages, usually in the form of screen shots.

To retrieve your archived files, fill out the form on this page.

Filling Out The Form

The cheapest way to retrieve your files is to let us know the page address (URL) and the date required. This should be formatted as follows - Jan 2015 - June 2014 - Jan 2015 - June 2014

Please note that we charge £1 each URL/Date combination. We will send these to you as jpg screenshots.

Should you require the complete archive that we hold on our system, plus all updates, please email us for a quote. Prices for complete archive retrieval start at £99 for the first 500 pages.

We Can Help In Other Ways

DMCA Takedown Notices

If the perpetrator refuses to remove copyrighted material, a request can be put in to the Hosting Service (ISP) to remove the material under the DMCA and the Berne Convention.

The request needs to be properly formatted for the ISP to consider it (have a look at our DMCA Templates). The ISP cannot knowingly allow content which is in breach of copyright to be published on their servers. If they take no action, they may leave themselves open to legal action.

If you would like WebsiteCop to pursue a DMCA Takedown Action on your behalf, click on the link below. The cost is £150 and, at the time writing, we have never failed to get a positive result for our clients.

If the internet service provider (ISP) is unresponsive, then a DMCA Takedown Request can be sent to Google, Yahoo and other relevant search engines. Providing your claim to copyright is upheld, the offending pages , and possibly the entire website, will be 'taken down' - i.e. removed from the Google database. This is great news because a website without a Google listing is totally worthless.

DMCA Takedowns

Retrospective License Agreements

Don't get mad - get even and make them pay!

There are cases of copyright infringement when entire websites have been flagrantly copied. When this happens it just doesn't seem enough to write to the perpetrator asking him to remove your content. What you want is justice.

In cases of flagrant copyright breach, WebsiteCop are happy to issue a Retrospective License Agreement on your behalf. This imposes a harsh financial penalty on the perpetrator with a choice of paying the license fee or facing punitive IP Copyright Litigation through the courts.

Not are all cases of copyright breach are suitable for this type of action. It works well when a considerable amount of text has been simply cut and pasted from one site to another. It also works extremely well when pictures or graphics have been cut and pasted.

Retrospective Licenses

Pages Protected

Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working worldwide in association with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, get protected TODAY!

Archive Retrieval Form
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