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Managing your File Uploads Manually

Notes on the Automatic Upload Process

We strongly recommend that you allow the Automatic WebsiteCop Software to back up your website design and content. For ease of use and convenience, this system cannot be beaten. It is used by the vast majority of our clients and faithfully records 99.99% of design, text and graphics.

It works by downloading all files to our servers neccessary to produce a working offline copy of your website. However, there are certain types of data which will not be recorded or rendered.

Data base files will obviously not be downloaded. Video and audio files embedded in your pages will not be downloaded (unless specifically asked for). Slide shows which rely on 'lazy load data src' configurations will not be displayed. Content such as Google adwords, which is hosted elsewhere will not rendered. (unless specifically requested).

If any of the above is of concern to you, then please proceed with the Manual Upload Process.

Manual Upload using Dropbox - Recommended

To start the process, fill out the registration form on this page

Then, if you don't already have one, open an account with Dropbox - probably the best file sharing system of all time. It is quick, simple and intuitive to use and best of all, FREE.


Once you have uploaded your website files you can send us the download link to your web folder.

Manual Upload using Email

To start the process, fill out the registration form on this page.

You can send us your files by normal email. Because of the file size limitations on mail boxes, and to speed up the upload process, we suggest you zip up you files using WinRAR or WinZip.

Manual Upload by Post

To start the process, fill out the registration form on this page.

Put your files on a CD/DVD/USB stick and send then to us by post

Making Screen Shots

If you need to make your own screen shots of your website to send us then we suggest using 'Web Page Screen Shot'. This is a tool bar add on for Google Chrome. It is simple to use and can take full web page screen shots, saved with the URL of the page - perfect for the job.

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