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WebsiteCop are not lawyers, solicitors or attorneys at law. We are a business with in depth expertise on every aspect of website copyright protection and content removal. Working exclusively in the field of website copyright solutions, with insightful working methods and cutting edge software, we go beyond the traditional legal approach, producing results effectively, quickly and cheaply and making our customers very happy.

Based in the UK and working worldwide, WebsiteCop, we work alongside and offer support to solicitors, barristers, lawyers, attorneys and other IP professionals. Our comprehensive and effective strategies to the problem of internet copyright theft, infringement, breach and plagiarism and much sought after.

What is Website Copyright?

Essentially, copyright law applied to websites protects design, text, graphics, video and multimedia content. Copyright protection is automatic as long as the work is original. Copyright stops your competitors from exploiting the time and financial commitment that you have invested in your website development.

How to Copyright

In some countries, such as USA, there are official government bodies with which to register copyright. In many countries, such as the UK, there are no official government organisations which do this. However, whether or not your register your work, copyright protection is automatic. The issue with internet copyright disputes, is not that the website content has been duplicated, it is one of ownership.

Proof of Ownership!!!!!!

Without proof of ownership, a claim for copyright goes out the window.

WebsiteCop provides Proof of Ownership - Register your website with the Copyright Bank at WebsiteCop NOW! The design and content of all your website pages will be archived to our database. This will give you professionally independent third party proof of ownership. Once registered your website will be scanned once a month and any design and content changes will be archived. You will thus have proof of the how your website developed evolved overtime. This is an invaluable asset in any copyright dispute.

In order to claim copyright, you need proof of ownership. Without it, the infringer can simply counter claim, and say that he was the originator of the work in question. In a nightmare scenario, he could use DMCA Takedown Procedures to remove your website completely off the internet

Word of Caution

If you have used a website designer/developer, and for some reason you have a falling out, you may be in heaps of trouble. The designer may claim that he owns the copyright and that the website is his property. We strongly advise clients to get a copyright release form sooner rather than later. Without a legally binding release form, these disputes can prove impossible to resolve. WebsiteCop does not mediate in these circumstances.

Copyright Bank

Displaying the Copyright Symbol ©

Although the assignment of copyright on a original, creative work consisting of website code, text, design, graphics and multimedia content is automatic, it is advisable to use the copyright symbol at the bottom of every page. Displaying the copyright symbol © along with your business name and year of publication will make people more aware of the issues they can face if the duplicate your content.

Copyright Protected

An absolutely brilliant strategy which will stop many potential infringers in their tracks is to us one of our FREE website banners at the bottom of your home page.

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Worldwide Copyright Enforcement

Most internet service providers (ISPs), hosting companies (such as GoDaddy) and search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) accept the principles laid out by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Berne Convention. In brief, if you cannot get the website owner to remove copyrighted content, then you can ask the hosting company, and failing that, the major search engines to remove these pages (and possible the entire offending website) from their databases. They will do this because they are under a legal obligation not to knowingly allow the publication on their system of copyrighted work.

Worlwide Copyright Protection

So even if the offending website is on a different continent, worldwide copyright protection is possible through the mechanism of DMCA Takedowns.

DMCA Takedowns

Retrospective License Agreements

Making the Infringers Pay

Sometimes, just getting your copyrighted content removed from an offending website is just not enough. May be you are angry, upset and enraged at the blatant theft of your material, or perhaps the blasé attitude of the offender has really vexed you.

Worlwide Copyright Protection

WebsiteCop, working with our associated solicitors, attorneys and lawyers from around the world have the perfect solution for you.

We issue the perpetrator with a Retrospective License Agreement which imposes a fee for the illegal use of your work. It also includes our expenses and hourly costs. The perpetrator can choose not to pay but then faces the threat of legal action through the courts, trying to defend a case which he ultimately cannot possibly win.

It is a strategy which we have applied on many occasions with great success. The key to a successful conclusion is to prove ownership beyond any shadow of doubt. We have used this solution to enforce penalties for the illegal use of a single graphic, to the duplication of substantial parts of an entire website.

Retrospective Licenses

Pages Protected

Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working worldwide in association with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, get protected TODAY!

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Protect your website from design and content theft now with one of the most affordable, cost effective, specialist IP copyright services on the web.
We recently engaged WebsiteCop to issue Retrospective License Agreements to a number of websites who had stolen lots of our content and pictures. They were a real pleasure to work with. They were extremely knowledgeable and provided us with no end of insightful and valuable advice.
We had a fantastic website which was at the top of the first page in Google and produced no end of valuable enquiries. All of a sudden, the website dropped onto the second and third pages of Google and we couldn't understand why. At the same time we discovered that competitors had duplicated our website design and huge amounts of our text. WebsiteCop explained that duplicate content can have a disastrous effect on Google positioning. They did a copyright search for infringing websites and within two months were we back in pole position in Google. Many Thanks

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