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WebsiteCop are not lawyers, solicitors or attorneys at law. We are a business with in depth expertise on every aspect of website copyright protection and content removal.

Working exclusively in the field of website copyright solutions, with insightful working methods and cutting edge software, we go beyond the traditional legal approach, producing results effectively, quickly and cheaply and making our customers very happy.

Based in the UK and working worldwide, WebsiteCop, we work alongside and offer support to solicitors, barristers, lawyers, attorneys and other IP professionals. Our comprehensive and effective strategies to the problem of internet copyright theft, infringement, breach and plagiarism and much sought after.

WebsiteCop specialises in one thing - Website Copyright Protection.
In the fast moving world of the internet, we go beyond traditional and sometimes outdated legal practices, offering up to the minute solutions to copyright theft using advanced software and cutting edge technology. We work with associated attorneys and lawyers across the world, giving invaluable help and advice to our many happy clients.

You need a specialist who has the expertise and experience to handle complex website copyright issues. WebsiteCop has a proven track record of success handling virtually all aspects of website copyright theft. Our experts understand the Internet and the back-end technology.

Our advisors have represented internet start-up companies, as well as some of the largest companies online.

Who owns the Copyright of your Web Pages?

So, you have just spent a fortune on having a brilliant website designed and now it is up and running and performing fantastically. You need to ask yourself if it is you or your web designer who owns the copyright.

Take our advice straight away - get your website designer to sign a copyright release form immediately. If you ever have a falling out with your web site designer, without a release form, you will be in heaps of bother. WebsiteCop does not mediate in these cases.

More often than not, a dispute with your website designer means the end of your website.

Help - My Website Content has been Stolen

If you are on this page, then you are looking for a solution to website content theft. Your are looking for a way to stop it from happening or, if it has happened, you are looking for ways to remove the copyrighted content...... Read on!

Protecting Website Content

Register at the Copyright Bank at WebsiteCop

Without proof of ownership, a claim for copyright goes out the window.

In some countries, such as USA, there are official government bodies with which to register copyright. and in others, such as the UK, there are no official government organisations. If you have registered with the US Copyright Office and paid your fee, what happens when your content changes? Another registration and another fee?

Worlwide Copyright Protection

WebsiteCop provides Proof of Ownership - Register your website with the Copyright Bank at WebsiteCop NOW! The design and content of all your website pages will be archived in our database. This will give you professionally independent third party proof of ownership. Once registered your website will be scanned once a month and any design and content changes will be archived. You will thus have proof of the how your website developed evolved overtime. This is an invaluable asset in any copyright dispute.

The issue with website content theft, is not that the content has been duplicated, it is one of proving ownership - be warned!

Copyright Bank

Use the Copyright Symbol ©

Although the assignment of copyright for website pages is is automatic, it is advisable to display the copyright symbol © along with your business name and year at the bottom of each. This will make people more aware of the issues they can face if the duplicate your content.

Copyright Protected

An absolutely brilliant strategy which will stop many potential infringers in their tracks is to us one of our FREE website banners at the bottom of your home page.

Banner Download

Getting Stolen Content Removed

Worldwide DMCA Takedowns

If the website owner refuses to remove stolen content, then you can make use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act otherwise known as the DMCA.

Although, the DMCA is a US led innovation, the legal precedents are accepted worldwide by most ISPs (Internet Service Providers), hosting companies and search engines.

It also helps that that all the major search engines and a lot of hosting companies are American based - eg, Google, Yahoo, Bing, GoDaddy etc. The majority of countries in the world have also signed up to the Berne Convention.

Worlwide Copyright Protection

So even if the offending website is on a different continent, worldwide copyright protection is possible through the mechanism of DMCA Takedowns. The search engines and the hosting company are legally obliged to remove stolen copyright content from their servers when informed of the infringement. Not to do so leaves them at risk of expensive litigation.

DMCA Takedowns

Retrospective License Agreements

Making the Infringers Pay

Sometimes, just getting your copyrighted content removed from an offending website is just not enough. May be you are angry, upset and enraged at the blatant theft of your material, or perhaps the blasé attitude of the offender has really vexed you.

WebsiteCop, working with our associated solicitors, attorneys and lawyers from around the world have the perfect solution for you.

We issue the perpetrator with a Retrospective License Agreement which imposes a fee for the illegal use of your work. It also includes our expenses and hourly costs. The perpetrator can choose not to pay but then faces the threat of legal action through the courts, trying to defend a case which he ultimately cannot possibly win.

It is a strategy which we have applied on many occasions with great success. The key to a successful conclusion is to prove ownership beyond any shadow of doubt.

We have used this solution to enforce penalties for the illegal use of a single graphic, to the duplication of substantial parts of an entire website.

Retrospective Licenses

Pages Protected

Website Copyright Protection by WebsiteCop, working worldwide in association with IP lawyers, solicitors and attorneys, get protected TODAY!

Get Protected!

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Protect your website from design and content theft now with one of the most affordable, cost effective, specialist IP copyright services on the web.
You have been invaluable in increasing our search engine rankings and increasing tangible sales results stopping other business from stealing our text and images from our website. . I am a long lasting fan of your web protection services and  I would rather cut off my right arm than stop paying your fees. A Big Thank You
How nice it was to hear straight talking words that I understood. I cannot recommend WebsiteCop enough. After that first phone call I knew I had found the answer to my web page theft problem. They quickly got to work and within only a one month we have over a dozen copyright offenders removed from the internet. I could sit here and go on and on ....Thank You

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